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A family that has become a Group.
Quanta offers new life for the human resources of companies, due to its knowledge in creating opportunities for growth and success. We ensure companies with personalized services, training and event management.

the protagonists

The story of our Group is one of competence, passion and emotion.
It begins in 1997 and writes new pages every day, always different; just like the faces of those who choose our services with the greatest confidence possible. Discover the most important milestones Quanta had achieved so far.


The generational transition is completed when Illo Quintavalle takes over the company from Umberto Quintavalle, founder and President of the Group. At the same time, Carlo Scatturin joins the company as Vice President and Country Manager of Italian operations.
Quanta also starts its operations in the Czech Republic, in Prague, where it strengthens its aerospace experience due to the partnership with AeroVodochody. Quanta celebrates its 20 years of activity with a major event in which the new brand identity is presented. In Switzerland, Quanta HR Solutions is launched – company specialized in financed training and market-based training.
Quanta Tech is the brand that brings together industry-leading expertise in the aerospace, naval, energy and ICT sectors and enhances Quanta's ability to offer integrated solutions in technical and engineering fields. At the same time, Quanta Professionals is also launched to search for and select mid-level executives and Quanta HR Solutions, which complements the integrated range of HR services: training, active policies, outplacement and outsourcing.


In Sao Paulo, Brazil, operations are initiated via Questa Recurcos Humanos.The Group's growth celebrates its first 15 years of presence on the market, with a turnover that for the first time exceeds 100 million euros.
Quanta Village becomes Quanta Club, a 4-storey fitness building and a new Club House.
Quanta Risorse Umane initiates service procurement with significant orders in major IT companies, starting with ICT specialization.


In 2008, Quanta Building takes its place within Quanta village, a 5000sq.mt. structure immersed in greenery, able to accomodate all the activities of the Quanta Group.
The international crisis halts exponential growth but a support operation for the Finmeccanica and Boeing group in the US opens up extraordinary opportunities in the world aerospace.
The Group is expanding its international presence by opening new branches in Romania and Switzerland.


Quanta expands extraordinarily in Italy by opening dozens of branches in the territory and by increasing its two-digit turnover for 5 consecutive years.
In 2000, Quanta Risorse Umane - a financed training and market-based training company, was set up and the company launches its operations abroad, first of all Quanta Resources Humaines in Switzerland. Between 2001 and 2002, the Group expanded its international presence by opening two companies: Quanta Staffing Solution in the US and Quanta Resurse Umane in Romania.
In 2004, the Aerospace Division was created, becoming the main supplier for Finmeccanica and in the Italian aerospace sector.


Umberto Quintavalle, along with Umberto Signorini, found Antex Lavoro Temporaneo and shortly thereafter welcomes Vincenzo Mattina.
The company is authorized by the Ministry of Labor among the first in its sector. In March 98, 100% of the shares of Antex Lavoro Temporaneo are owned by the Quintavalle family, and it was renamed Quanta Lavoro Temporaneo, crasis of Quintavalle and Antex. The Quanta name will accompany all the Group's activities for years to come.
Quanta Group purchases from Montedison a multifunctional sports center and starts the 24 Sport Village, restructuring it and starting a process that will make it Milanese and Italian excellence.

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Our first value is the human value.
Determining and choosing clear and achievable goals has allowed us to remain a solid and growing company.

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