3 Reasons Why Your Business Benefits From Having Stricter Safety Guidelines

13 November, 2018
3 Reasons Why Your Business Benefits From Having Stricter Safety Guidelines

One of the most essential operations in any company is the handling of health and safety.

Regardless of how small or large your company is, taking care of safety is crucial. Every business is legally accountable for safety related to its operations, including the safety of staff members, outside workers that are connected to the company and the safety of consumers that use a company’s goods and/or services.

In addition to being legal issues, workplace accidents and injuries can cost a business in lost productivity, lost time, insurance premium hikes, employee skills and much more. Health and safety management plays a role in all company sectors regardless of what kind and how big.

The following reasons make a strong case for why your company should maintain strong safety standards.

Keeping down the ‘human costs’

With strict health and safety standards in place, employees have a powerful and effective framework to minimize and ideally prevent workplace injuries, accidents, illnesses and death.

These incidents aren’t just a business concern, they’re also associated with a high human cost. When someone gets hurt on the job, it can affect their ability to do normal everyday tasks. It can also affect their ability to care for small children or ailing loved ones. Serious injuries take a toll on both the person affected and those around them, who may have to dedicate some of their time to caring for the injured worker.

Simply put, there is a very human cost to workplace injuries and strict safety guideline help to keep those costs at bay.

Protecting your most valuable asset

The most valuable resource that any organization has is its staff members. Putting human costs to one side, strict safety practices allow a business to protect its most valuable resource. By having strict standards, employers protect their staff members, minimize costly accidents and keep a lid on their workers’ compensation costs.

Injuries and illnesses can cost a company a lot in terms of lost productivity. Also, when workers are out with an injury or an illness, it causes added strain on other staff members, which can lead to higher stress, lower morale and higher turnover.

Also, claim costs are among the three biggest factors that determine an employer’s premium with state agencies that handle workers’ compensation. Decreasing and/or stopping workplace injuries and illnesses from taking place dramatically and positively impacts costs.

Brand benefits

While it shouldn’t be the first reason they are adopted, high safety standards can have an appreciable impact on a company’s brand. Strict standards show that a company is socially responsible and dedicated to its staff. This can bolster a company’s image and inspire workers to advocate on behalf of the company. Engaging employees in the development of safety standards is a powerful way to realize this benefit.

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