4 Ways To Spend Less Time Recruiting and Still Find the Best Candidates

09 November, 2018
4 Ways To Spend Less Time Recruiting and Still Find the Best Candidates

At its foundation, a business is the sum of its people and their abilities, with its success determined by hiring, retention, shared knowledge, technical abilities and dedication to customers.

Considering the huge significance of hiring, it’s no surprise that a massive amount of time is spent on bringing in the best people. That being said, businesses can do a lot to reduce the amount of time they spend on finding the best people. Here’s a four-step plan that can to help a business decrease the amount of time they spend on building a highly-effective team.

Employees as talent ambassadors

Employees can become a company’s best ambassadors in the labor market. When your employees tell their network of friends and professional connections how much they enjoy working for your company, it can be a potent way to draw in qualified candidates for your open positions.

An employee referral program can formalize this approach to hiring, giving incentive to those who have referred successful new hires. The program should emphasize the value of referrals and reward staff members who refer quality hires, not the quantity of applicants. The program should establish that a new hire must stay with the company for a specified length of time before a reward is given.

Provide thoughtful incentives

While providing monetary incentives for employee referrals and other positive behaviors can be effective, simply handing out money is a missed opportunity. Employees are more motivated by incentives that speak to their interests, which may not be monetary in nature. For instance, an employee might prefer extra hours of vacation time or the chance to gain new skills.

These incentives can and should be informed by company values to reinforce internal branding and further motives employees to speak highly of your company.

Prioritize culture fit

Technical skills can be taught; personality and disposition often can’t be. Some people might come in with buckets of experience but a disposition and style of working that clashes with others. On the other hand, a team of ambitious, hardworking staff members all operating on the same page can learn and grow into their roles.

Cultural fit should be a must in any hiring process, and your company should consider applicants who have done well in other industries and are looking to change careers.

Become a top talent magnet

Word travels fast that some workplaces treat their staff members well, put them in a position to succeed and support career advancement. Good people are in turn drawn to positive, collaborative work environments, which typically translates to top performances.

A lot of the time invested in hiring by companies might be better used on culture initiatives that draw in and keep top talent. When designing these initiatives, consider what would make workers suggest a job opening to a friend or professional connection. Over time, you’ll start to realize what is popular with employees and you’ll have to spend less time engineering your company culture.

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