Quanta Group bought JobConnector

28 January, 2020
Quanta Group bought JobConnector
JobConnector, a personnel consulting company belonging to the SURKA Group, became a part of the international recruitment agency Quanta since the 1st January 2020. SURKA Group transferred its 100% stake in JobConnector to Quanta. On the other hand, the SURKA Group acquired a 22% stake in the Czech representation of Quanta. The companies agreed not to disclose further details of the transaction.

“I am very happy to have agreed to join JobConnector with such a successful company as Quanta. On the Czech market, our specializations complement each other perfectly and allow us to grow rapidly. Upon completion of the merger, the JobConnector brand will be active in the field of recruitment from outside the European Union for the whole Quanta Group.”
says Tomáš Surka, the current managing partner at JobConnector, and also the new CEO of the Czech representation of Quanta.

Both brands - Quanta and JobConnector - are planning consolidated revenues in the Czech Republic close to CZK 250 million for 2020 and should exceed CZK 4.5 billion in the world.

“In Tomáš and JobConnector we have found a great opportunity to connect with Quanta Czech. Surka Group's participation in the Czech representation of Quanta is a guarantee of its further successful development. I am very pleased with the agreement reached, but also with the fact that Tomáš becomes not only our business partner, but also the CEO of the Czech representation.”
says Illo Quintavalle, President of the Quanta Group.

About Quanta

Quanta was founded in 1997 in Italy and has more than 20 years of experience in HR. It operates in six countries, in addition to Italy and the Czech Republic, its 40 offices are also located in the USA, Brazil, Romania and Switzerland. Quanta has been operating on the Czech market since 2017.

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