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Flexibility, experience, dynamism: these are the requirements demanded by the market today and we provide integrated solutions from the customer-centered approach. Our specialized skills allow us to support both companies and workers with the constant goal of capitalizing the human resources.

Temporary work

We are experts in recruiting, selecting and managing employees on behalf of companies. Once the best candidates have been selected, they will be entered into the company on an open-ended basis, operating under the direct responsibility of the customer.


Permanent placement

We search and select the best candidates to immediately enter the company. Our experts identify and attract the right people to meet your organization long-term needs.


International mobility

We design and implement international mobility processes within the EU and outside the EU, managing the Visa process directly for client-selected professionals and further employment, diligently and in full compliance with the necessary complex legislative procedures.

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Outplacement FR

Individuiamo alternative professionali per la transizione di carriera, tramite l’applicazione di strumenti e metodologie collaudate in organizzazioni articolate. La nostra esperienza ci vede attivi in interventi a supporto del singolo candidato e nella gestione di outplacement collettivi.


Outsourcing FR

Possiamo essere un partner strategico nella progettazione e gestione di soluzioni di outsourcing IT, payroll, reti di vendita, logistica e facility management. I nostri servizi sono personalizzati e sviluppati con l’obiettivo di aumentare la flessibilità e migliorare l’efficienza dei nostri clienti.


experts in the industry

On a market that constantly requires enhancement of vertical skills, we offer our clients ad-hoc solutions due to our ability to interact with players in many business sectors, both Italian and international. Versatility and competencies makes of us the ideal partner to build a personalized and distinctive HR service with you.

Our partners

We could have praised about ourselves or offered testimonials from people you've never met. But we prefer facts and words. That's why we've decided to tell you that the Quanta world can be found in the names and brands of companies that have become our customers throughout these years. They chose Quanta.

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If you are looking for qualified staff, consult our database: we will help you find the right person for your company's needs.
Creating opportunities has always been our mission.

Do you want to entrust your human resources to industry professionals or are you a job seeker?
We are at your disposal to provide you with our advice and to clarify any doubts you may have. We will build your future with you.

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